Focus on what is right for kids
  • Advocating for developmentally appropriate programs,

  • Providing necessary support for increased social and emotional needs,

  • Recognizing that the one-size fits all approach does NOT work;

Use a research-based approach to decision-making
  • Closing the ever-expanding achievement gaps using programs with proven long-term results

  • Utilizing information and resources from one of the nation’s top educational research facilities, in our own backyard: the University of Washington

Create an active, open dialogue with parents
  • Improving parent accessibility to information and resources,

  • Increasing parent involvement in decision-making processes, especially at lower achieving schools,

  • Listening to concerns and ideas with an open mind;

Create an active, open dialogue with teachers and school staff
  • Recognizing that these are the professionals with the greatest knowledge about and impact on our children,

  • Developing a safe place to relate concerns;


Create an active, open dialogue with the community
  • Collaborating to assess and provide for the increasingly diverse needs of our children,

  • Making our schools the epi-center of community involvement;

Provide easy accessibility to the board, including
  • Office hours,

  • Facebook, and

  • Board presence at community events

Kathy Decker for Vancouver Public Schools Board of Directors, Position #4